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Stormwater Solutions
Protect Your Property and Peace of Mind

Glen Mills, PA's Stormwater Drainage Repair and Installation Solutions

MOR Construction provides customized stormwater management solutions for municipalities, property owners, and engineers. We provide the best stormwater solutions to help you manage runoff and protect our waterways. Our flexible designs meet the goals of your project, from detention and infiltration equipment to handling water flow. We also provide preventative maintenance to keep your facility operating as designed and mitigate the harmful effects of erosion and flooding.

Comprehensive Stormwater Solutions

Storm Water Solutions Glen Mills, PA

At MOR Construction, we believe that stormwater management methods should form a comprehensive solution. From maintenance to inspection, repair to rehabilitation, and new installation we provide every resource you need to ensure the optimal performance of your stormwater system. Our team is committed to providing the best stormwater solutions for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your property.

Stormwater Solutions FAQs

What Stormwater Systems Do You Repair and Install?

We repair and install various stormwater systems to help control the flow through any residential property or the entire township! Our stormwater systems include the following: 

  • Infiltration Trenches and Beds
  • Detention and Retention Ponds
  • Inlets
  • Outfalls
  • Drainage Channels
  • Grassed Swales
  • Manholes
  • Storm Pipes
  • Bioretention Cells
  • Rain Gardens
What’s Included in Aboveground Stormwater Maintenance?

1. Inspect all structures: An aboveground storm maintenance plan includes an inspection of all structures to identify any damage or signs of distress. This will help us determine what repairs are needed and how long they'll take to complete.

2. Remove trash and debris: Storms can bring waste and debris that may damage your property. During our maintenance visits, we'll remove any garbage from the area surrounding your home or business stormwater systems.

3. Sediment and erosion control: We provide sediment control services for your property to ensure that runoff does not affect your landscaping or drainage systems. This is especially important if you live near a body of water like a lake or pond where there could be flooding after a storm!

What’s Included in Underground Stormwater Maintenance?

Underground stormwater systems require regular maintenance to manage water flow effectively. Inspection of Inlets and Manholes and pipes is a critical part of this process—ensuring all underground pipes are clear and not damaged by blockages or buildup. Vacuuming and high-pressure hydro jetting can both be used to remove debris from Inlets and Manholes, pipes, and other parts of underground stormwater systems.