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Decks & Hardscapes
Transform Your Outdoor Living Area

Custom Built Decks and Hardscaping Solutions in The Tri-State Area

At MOR Construction, we strive to create custom-built decks and hardscapes to enhance the look and feel of any outdoor space in order to provide the functionality you need! Our experienced team will take the time to understand your preferences and design the perfect space for you. We specialize in hardscaping and bringing backyard visions to life, from outdoor kitchens and fire pits to concrete and brick patios. Whether you’re looking for a classic deck for entertaining, or a stunning outdoor kitchen for your family and friends to enjoy meals, MOR Construction has the expertise to make your design ideas a reality. With MOR Construction on your side, your next hardscaping project will fulfill all of your needs while showcasing your customized outdoor aesthetic!

Add Value and Beauty with Unique Landscaping Solutions 

Decks & Hardscape Services Glen Mills, PA

MOR Construction understands that building a deck or hardscape is an investment you are making in your property. That's why choosing a reliable and experienced construction company to complete your project is essential. We will work with you to design the perfect outdoor space from concept to completion, carefully select the finest materials and use innovative designs to create a unique outdoor living space that you will be proud to show off. We specialize in building beautiful decks and hardscapes that will last years and fit any budget.

Decks & Hardscapes FAQs

What materials are commonly used in custom deck construction?

Various materials can be used in custom deck construction, depending on the desired look and level of durability. Some popular options include pressure-treated wood, which is affordable and easy to work with; composite decking, which is low-maintenance and resistant to moisture and rot; and natural wood, such as cedar or redwood, which offers a natural look and can be stained or painted to match the existing decor. To learn more about your hardscaping materials options, call MOR Construction in Glen Mills, PA, today at (610) 459-2444.

What are some common features of custom deck designs?

Custom deck designs can vary widely depending on the homeowner's preferences and needs, but there are several common features that many decks incorporate. These include built-in seating, outdoor kitchens or grilling areas, fire pits or fireplaces, and lighting or sound systems. Additionally, many custom decks are designed to take advantage of the surrounding landscape or views, incorporating elements such as water features or plantings to create a cohesive outdoor environment.

What are the most popular materials used in hardscaping?

Some of the most popular materials used in hardscaping include concrete, natural stone such as flagstone or slate, brick, pavers, and wood or composite decking. Each material has its own unique look and benefits, so it's essential to choose the one that best fits your desired style and function.